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Hier erscheinen chronologisch Kurzrezensionen von Schülerinnen und Schülern der FOS.

Februar, 2014

On 6. February, we saw the ,,Saturday Night Fever“ in the English Theatre in Frankfurt.
It’s about a young man, who is a hobby dancer and he prepares for a competition. He needs a female partner so he looks for a professional dancer. He and his friends are a bit mad, so they go each day to the disco.
During the first half of the theatre you see a lot of dancing and singing about good and sad situation, but the second half everything becomes clear.
Sure, we didn’t understand everything, but it was a lot of fun to watch them and to hear them singing.

Kinem, 12FOS2

September 2013

In September, we saw the humorous theater play „The Ruling Class“ in the English Theater in Frankfurt. It is the largest English theater in Europe but England, of course.

It all begins with the tragic and not-planned suicide of an Earl. The mourning family members are desperately looking for an heir and finally find a crazy nephew: He is totally convinced that he is not only the „King of Love“ but GOD.

During the first half of the play you get the impression that he is obsessed with the love-part and the play tended to be on the silly side, but the second half everything becomes creepy and very dark and bleak … but amazing.

Of course, we could not understand everything but it was definitely funny and shocking adn totally worth going.

Sarah, 12FOS2